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Aluminum Capping Services Ajax

Transform your home's exterior with Durham Region Roofing Ltd.
We offer expert aluminum capping services in Ajax, ensuring stunning and durable results.
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Aluminum Capping: Your Ideal Protective Shield

At Durham Region Roofing Ltd, we understand that your roof is not only a protective shield but also a crucial element in the overall aesthetics of your home. That's where aluminum capping is a unique solution, combining functionality and style.

Our team of experts specializes in aluminum capping, providing a seamless, elegant finish to your roof's edges and trim. Our meticulous installation ensures a perfect fit that enhances your roof's appearance and longevity.

Aluminum capping offers additional protection against the elements, reducing the risk of moisture intrusion and potential damage.

Contact us for more details - we also offer roofing services, leaf guards, skylight installation, and snow removal.

Combining functionality and style

Aluminum Capping Services Ajax
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  • Roof Snow Removal Services
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The Industry’s Best Practices

Our skilled team, at Durham Region Roofing Ltd, uses heavy-gauge pre-painted aluminum to install capping, applying the industry’s best practices. For soffits, we meticulously perforate them, ensuring optimal air circulation and efficient attic ventilation through strategically placed roof vents.

Moreover, our custom-curved fascia caps add a touch of refinement to the edges of your roof, created with precision using a brake. Supported by internal brackets securely fastened to fascia boards, our 5-foot seamless gutters provide superior water management, complemented by oversized downspouts.

With a wide range of options, you can effortlessly create stunning visual harmony that amplifies your home's overall charm. Trust us to bring your aluminum cladding dreams to life.

A stunning visual harmony

Aluminum Capping Options  Ajax